Initial Setup

IoTT Stick Wifi Configuration

Connect the IoTT Stick to a USB power source using the provided USB cable. This connection is only used to supply power, so there is no need to connect it to a computer. A simple phone charger will do the trick as well.

As soon as power is applied, the IoTT Stick is starting up automatically and shows it’s status on the display. By default, it is configured to connect to your Wifi access point. However, since out of the box no router is configured, it enters the Wifi Setup & Connect mode.


You can now use your smart phone and connect it to the access point indicated in the display. Once connected, the smart phone should automatically bring up the configuration screen, where you can select the router of your Wifi and enter the network password. Click Save and the IoTT Stick will connect to your network and show the assigned IP address in the display. The access credentials are saved and will be reused next time to automatically connect to the network after power up.

Note: If the Stick is configured to connect to a Wifi router and the router is not available at startup, the Stick will automatically enter Wifi configuration mode. You can now connect to it and enter new Wifi access credentials as outlined in the previous paragraph. If you would like to erase the stored access information, e.g. for connecting the stick to a different router while the first one is still available, proceed as follows:

- Use the M button to rotate to the Wifi screen

- rapidly click the power button 3 times

This will cause the IoTT Stick to erase the stored Wifi credentials, reboot and then display the Wifi configuration page


If the IoTT Stick is unable to connect to your Wifi, or if there is no attempt to enter the Wifi credentials for longer than 2 Minutes, the IoTT Stick will create an access point on its own and display the access data. You now can connect to it using your computer or smart phone and use a web browser to access the configuration pages.

This chart shows the Wifi access flow of the IoTT Stick.


If the Wifi connection is shut down, the status is shown in the display. As soon as you click the Menu input button, the IoTT Stick will either reconnect to your Wifi or restart its own access point, depending on the previously active Wifi mode.

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