Unboxing and Overview


The IoTT Stick is shipped in a small plastic container. Here's what you should find in it:

- IoTT Stick with preloaded IoTT software

- USB Type C cable for power supply

- Grove port cable for communication module connection

- Mounting bracket

IoTT Stick Overview

Familiarize yourself with the IoTT Stick by locating the following elements:

- USB Type C power connector (left side)

Connect the IoTT Stick to a 5V power supply using the USB cable that comes with the stick. It can be connected to a computer or any other USB outlet. This connection is normally not used for data but only to supply the IoTT Stick with power and to charge the built-in battery.

Note that the IoTT Stick will automatically power on as soon as power is connected. and it will shut down after 2 minutes if there is no power supplied. The built-in battery is good enough to supply the stick with power for short periods of interruption of the external power source, but it is not intended to power the stick over longer periods of time. It is best to connect the IoTT Stick to a power supply that is controlled by the overall layout power, so the stick will switch on everytime the layout is switched on, and automatically power down when you are done playing with trains and the layout is switched off.

- Grove port connector (left side bottom, below power connector)

Use the inclosed Grove port cable to connect the IoTT Stick to the communication interface of your choice. Currently supported are LocoNet and DCC with OpenLCB to become available in the future.

- 8 pin hat connector (right side bottom)

Use the 8 pin hat connector to connect the function hat of your choice. If the command source is set to MQTT then this connector is not used.

- TFT display

The TFT display is used to provide important user information such as Wifi connection data, configuration information, technical status information and viewers to verify the data flow from the communication interface

- Power button

Use the power button to switch the Stick to ON if no power cable is connected. Note that in this mode it will switch off automatically after 2 Minutes or when the battery voltage drops, what ever comes faster. To switch the stick on, simply click the power button for about a second.

Use the power button to switch the Stick to OFF if power is active. To do so, hold the power button pressed for 6 seconds and the display will go dark.

- M button

The M button prominently located next to the TFT display is used to rotate through the display pages. It is your main input element on the Stick as most configuration is done using either a cell phone or a web browser.

- Menu input button

The function of the Menu input button is context sensitive and the actual function is displayed on the TFT screen.

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