Speed and Distance Display

IoTT Stick Display page

Here is a picture of the display on the IoTT Stick:

IoTT Stick display

The first line shows the current direction and speed. This is the technical speed of the car, measured in mm/s, so the speed the car effectively is traveling on the layout

The second line shows the selected model scale and the calculated scale speed either in km/h or mph, depending on the settings

If an IMU is installed on the sensor, the radius of the current curve is displayed. If the radius is more than about 10 feet / 3 meters, it is interpreted as straight track. Without IMU, this field always shows straight

Line 4 shows the traveled distance in centimeters or inches. Abs. is the absolute distance, meaning forward and backward distances are added. Rel. is the relative distance from the starting point, meaning forward distances are added, backward distances subtracted.

If an IMU is installed, line 5 shows heading, grade and superelevation. If no IMU is present, all values are set to zero

The final line shows the current angle of the axle. If you slowly push the car, you see this value go from 0 to 360 degrees and then reset to 0. Noter: This line is only displayed when using an IoTT Stick Plus. It will not show on the older IoTT Stick, which has a smaller display. 

Web browser display

Data Display

The top section of the Track Data tab provides some control buttons for the sensor.

Track Data Display

Start/Stop lets you switch on and off the data transfer from the IoTT Stick to the browser window. If stopped, the data fields and speed graphs in the browser will no longer be updated. If active, new data is displayed every 500ms

Reset Distance sets absolute and relative distance meters to zero

Reset Orientation sets heading, grade and superelevation to zero. This has no effect of no IMU is installed on the sensor board

The Assign DCC Address is displayed if your IoTT Stick is connected to a LocoNet system. Click the button, then send a speed command to the locomotive you want to monitor. The digital address will then be displayed. If the sensor has a valid address, it will be able to display the current speed step in the line graph below. This is a great tool to compare speed step with scale speed. 

The next two sections show the same data as you can see on the IoTT Stick display explained above. Note that the information in the browser is only updated after starting the data transfer.

Speed Graph

 Use the Select Data Tracker checkboxes to select what data will be displayed in the line graphs below.

Line graphs

The line graphs show the data for the last two minutes, if data transfer to the browser is enabled.

Note that clicking Start will also reset the graphic display and delete previously displayed data.

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