Installing IoTT Stick software on a new M5 Stick C

Of course, the best way to avoid any problems with installing the IoTT Stick software on a brand new M5 Stick C is to buy the stick with preloaded and verified software from the IoTT Tindie shop ;-)


However, if you prefer to get a Stick from somewhere else, here are some instructions to load the software.

Download the IoTT Stick software from the Github page. Make sure to download the latest version.

The software is usually provided in 3 different versions:

- the sketch directory has the full source code including all libraries. You can download this repository to your computer, unzip the libraries and place them in the Arduino library directory, and then load the main application file and compile and upload the program to your Stick.

- the Binaries directory has two binary files, one with the program code and one with the SPIFFS data. Download both and install them on your Stick using the usual tools.

- the InstallFile directory has the binaries plus a tool that can install the binaries automatically. Download the installation file and unzip it to your computer. Then connect the IoTT Stick and execute the batch file to install the software. If everything goes as planned, it will find the Stick automatically and install the program.

Note: Before you install any binaries in the IoTT Stick, you upload a program from your Arduino IDE to the Stick. It does not matter what program it is, it can even be an empty Arduino template. If you install the binaries without first uploading another program, your IoTT Stick software may not initialize correctly and you will not be able to connect to the IoTT Stick from your smart phone.

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