Breakout Board Grove Port Connector


Connecting the Interface to an Arduino Uno or Nano

Use a Grove Port Jumper cable to connect the interface breakout board to an Arduino Uno or Nano.

Use this standard Grove port pinout description as reference and verify your cable:

Pin (from right) Function Description
1  (white) LocoNet Rx-  Receive commands on this pin. Inverted logic, pin is low if LocoNet is quiet. High = 3.3V
2 (yellow) LocoNet Tx- Transmit commands using this pin. High when transmitting, low when inactive. Use 3.3V or 5V
3 (red) Vcc  5V Nominal voltage is 5V, but it works also with 3.3V
4 (black) GND  

 Note: The signal output of the breakout board is limited to 3.3V to protect microcontrollers that are not 5V tolerant. With Arduino Unos or Nanos that is no problem, they will work properly on a 3.3V input. However, if you are using a microcontroller that does not receive the 3.3V signal correctly, you can change it to 5V by removing the Zener diode labeled D4