LocoNet Interface Overview

The IoTT Loconet Interface breakout board connects a LocoNet network to a microcontroller running on 3.3V or 5V.

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On the input side, two RJ12 connectors allow for daisy-chaining the LocoNet network cables 

The microcontroller side features a Grove port connector (digital type) with 4 pins:

Pin 1: LocoNet RxD

Pin 2: LocoNet TxD

Pin 3: VCC (either 5V or 3.3V)

Pin 4: GND

See this article for more information on the Grove port system: https://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Grove_System/

The IoTT LocoNet interface can be connected to the Grove port of the IoTT Stick and provides bidirectional communication from the IoTT Stick to LocoNet.

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