DCC Interface Overview

The IoTT DCC Interface breakout board converts DCC track signals of all scale voltages to a galvanically separate 3.3V or 5V pulse that can be interpreted by a microcontroller.

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On the input side, the track wires are connected to a screw terminal. 

Galvanic separation of the track signal and the computer is achieved using hi-speed opto-couplers.

The microcontroller side features a Grove port connector (digital type) with 4 pins:

Pin 1: DCC signal from interface to microcontroller

Pin 2: Microcontroller output to current pulse generator (for e.g.programming track ACK pulse)

Pin 3: VCC (either 5V or 3.3V)

Pin 4: GND

See this article for more information on the Grove port system: https://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Grove_System/

The IoTT DCC interface can be connected to the Grove port of the IoTT Stick and provides DCC input from the layout to the IoTT Stick.

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